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I play guitar and...

2009-02-09 11:06:37 by BardenBarden

... I am going to be screwing around with Garage Band and make some audio submissions, seeing as I am shit/crap at animation!!!


2008-11-01 13:23:45 by BardenBarden

Yes, I redid my page, and changed my pics around as well!!! BUT WHO GIVES A DAMN???

Making a vid

2008-05-23 11:58:37 by BardenBarden

I am making an animation, greatly inspired by the pineapples. It is a stick comedy and all the voice acting is done by me. It will be good

And i made this

Making a vid

Basic game

2008-05-02 05:31:03 by BardenBarden

I just posted my new dress up game that was purely just practice! It is okay... i mean, it was my first try at anything like that...