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Making a vid

2008-05-23 11:58:37 by BardenBarden

I am making an animation, greatly inspired by the pineapples. It is a stick comedy and all the voice acting is done by me. It will be good

And i made this

Making a vid


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2008-05-23 13:17:06

it aint ur still going to be riff raff lol


2008-06-21 10:22:39

Hi robo885, I'm your watch in sheezyart.

BardenBarden responds:

hey dude, saw the waffles thing! dead funny. please put it on sheezy!


2008-08-23 17:20:49

hello, im sure you know me :D


2008-10-23 11:08:42

Yo! Hi robo885!
Finaly signed up! WOOT!
Keep up your good work!